Our unique qualities

What makes us different…

  • No-nonsense, practical, solution-oriented

  • No waiting list — you can come in anytime

  • Top quality regular team of psychologists, trainers, trouble-shooters and psychiatrist

  • Transparent diagnostics in finding limitations and possibilities
  • Self-care and self-management fitting individual needs
  • Recovering functioning in life tasks — personally, privately, professionally

  • Energizing, stimulate flexibility, people-oriented management
  • Scientifically proven

  • Socially committed: supporting rescue workers, providing internships for all levels of students

  • Sources of problems in case of illness: stress, depression, anxiety, PTSS, grieving, coping with traumatic experiences, phase of life problems

  • Sources of problems in prevention: career questions, phase of life questions, loss of energy, demotivation, managing peak performance, people-oriented management
  • ISO-HKZ certification, member of NIP (professional association)
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