Group career training course

What is Group career training?

Reasons to begin a Group career training course vary from person to person. There may be a need to satisfy personal curiosity or ambition, or a vague notion that your work situation is not quite what it should be but you are at a loss what to do about it. And, of course, a reorganization and unavoidable career change may make you want to find out what would best fit your individual needs. In a Group career training course you will learn how to gain more insight into your talents and possibilities and how to harness your energy and power to make the necessary steps in your career. This is done in a group context, with your colleagues, aiming to learn from each other and to keep each other keen in the realization of your desired development.

It takes courage to work on yourself and to find out who you are and where and how you would function best. Making these steps will lead to increased satisfaction and more joy in your work.

Objectives of Group career training

Group career training aims to give participants increased self-insight in what concrete steps they can take to develop their talents and further their career. The training concentrates on the use of positive energy, drive and self-confidence to make your talents flourish.
Gaining insight and learning how to function optimally within your own limits and possibilities is an important factor in reinforcing professional self-confidence and job satisfaction. Your personal learning process will be stimulated by the group as it provides a mirror for reflection. Additionally, working on personal learning objectives as a group will boost its effectiveness.


A Group career training will be held in 3 morning meetings of 4 hours. A group will consist of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 participants. Exercises and tools will be given for home and work situations. Meetings are short and intense. Personal processing and implementing the material will take 2 hours per meeting. Meetings take place every 2 weeks. Participants should put subject matter in practice at home.

Meeting 1: Increasing self-insight
• Where do I stand?
• What are my talents?
• What is my optimal role and context?
• What opportunities and obstacles do I see? How to advance from ‘wanting’ to ‘doing’?

Meeting 2: Self-management and career development
• Learn to manage talents and avoid pitfalls
• Learn to tap your positive energy and remain resilient
• Training in overcoming obstacles in career development

Meeting 3: Making choices, actionplan
• Charting out your own career development
• Making choices
• Making arrangements to retain what has been learned; arranging continued future support from colleagues


The group training will enhance your self-insight and self-image and result in a concrete step-by-step plan for individual career development


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