Intensive personal training course

Intensive personal training

Balans & Impuls Intensive has been specifically developed for people confronted with serious psychological problems looking to get a grip on their lives and once again be able to perform the tasks their professional, personal and private life demands. This concerns problems such as depression, anxiety, exhaustion, PTSD, loss and how to come to terms with traumatic experiences. Psychological complaints come with a host of other problems for those who suffer from them. Problems commonly occur in the relational, financial or professional sphere, and managing family life may become a struggle. Our Intensive personal training course concentrates on tackling these problems in a purposeful way, with a multidisciplinary team consisting of a psychologist, a medical specialist and, if necessary, an additional troubleshooter.

An important principle here is the use of a thorough diagnostic examination in order to map out a ‘personal operating manual’ for the person or persons involved. This will then serve as a basis to formulate a plan of action — this may be done for individuals as well as groups. Studying and familiarizing yourself with your own singular characteristics and idiosyncrasies provides control and insight. The course will bring clarity about possible recovery and adaption, but will also chart limits and the necessity to accept mental vulnerabilities. Clients are provided with guidance and tools through practical psychological training and learn how to manage problems and gain a strong footing in life. The direct aim is to strengthen personal resources and resilience.

We aim to actively stimulate support from the client's environment, such as family and friends. In the absence of such an environment opportunities will be explorered to build one up. An important element in the recovery process is effective functioning within a fitting professional sphere. Close cooperation is sought with the company medical officer and manager in order to achieve this.

We aim to educate all those involved in the situation at hand, that is, not just the client, but managers and family as well. Performance studies show that this stimulates sustainable recovery and healthy functioning.

Individuals, groups and families may develop a skewed balance if their ‘personal operational manual’ is abused or neglected, leading to exhaustion, depression, sadness, irritation and disappointment. Sometimes goals and desires may be pursued that are or have become unattainable; the self-image may deviate from genuine inner possibilities. In such cases mapping out a ‘personal operating manual’ can provide solutions. Our plan of action is practical and transparent. Disbalance is corrected by stimulating continued development within personal limits.


You will find our methods applied in the following:

Short and intensive personal training
A short training course for serious problems, this requires the presence of a positive desire to learn in the client and adequate personal opportunities in order to regain control and return to function effectively privately and professionally. It consists of 12-15 sessions and consultation by a medical specialist.

Intensive personal training
For non-recurrent serious psychological complaints. Positive private and professional pillars are present. Consultation with a medical expert is provided, but emphasis lies on a psychological training of 20 sessions (average).

Extra-intensive personal training
Required when serious problems make it impossible to function well, privately and professionally. There is some support to be found in the personal and professional environment. This training offers the combined support of a psychologist (20-25 hours on average), a troubleshooter and a medical specialist.

Super-intensive personal training
This training is intended to prevent hospitalization and stabilize the family situation if there are multiple chronic clinical problems. Support is provided by close cooperation in a multidisciplinary team and concentrates on the alleviation of problems and reintegration in both the personal and professional sphere. This training involves a team consisting of a medical specialist (15 hours on average), a psychologist (25-30 hours on average) and a troubleshooter (45 hours on average).


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