Background and approach

Balans & Impuls was set up in 1997. We provide psychological training and advice. We aim to provide employers as well as employees with practical tools and skills to lead a healthy, mentally resilient life, both professionally and privately. We also offer assistance in recovery and reintegration, for instance in cases of structural absenteeism.

We also organize courses in team coaching, self-management training, and ‘people-oriented’ management. An important principle of our approach is to use in-depth diagnosis to establish the personal ‘operating manual’ which will form the basis for a plan of action, either for groups or a single person, and will serve as a guide to gain insight into their idiosyncrasies and peculiarities, and how to manage these.

Individuals as well as groups may lose their balance if they misuse or neglect their personal ‘operation manual’. Exhaustion, anxiety, irritation and disappointment will be the result. Goals and desires may be pursued that are or have become unattainable. The self-image may be out of line with inner possibilities. Charting the ‘operating manual’ will bring an answer to these problems. Our approach is transparent and practical. Imbalances will be adjusted in order to find opportunities for more harmonious further development within one’s own limitations.

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