Personal training

What is a personal training course?

Burn-out? Upset by a traumatic event? Depressed and unable to find a way out? Your life is out of balance. Perhaps you have called in sick, or feel like you should call in sick. If this applies to you, a personal training course is well worth considering.

A personal training course is specifically developed for employees on the brink of dropping out in work caused by psychological complaints. During a personal training, you work on recovery and professional reintegration according to personally important themes. Together with you, Balans en Impuls will set up a course plan, in which your own motivation and desire to learn serve as starting points. A personal training is intended for complaints such as burn-out, depression, anxiety and coping with loss, trauma or PTSD.

Since your professional and private circumstances are intertwined both will receive a great deal of attention. Discussion, exercise, and games will help you to become aware of your own needs. A personal training course also address problems of reintegration: ‘what do you need to bring back vigor and enthusiasm to your job?’
A unique point in our approach is that we involve personnel officers, managers and/or occupational physicians.

Balans & Impuls aims to provide short, problem-driven training courses, with a maximum of 15 sessions.

The aim of a personal training

A personal training course aims to tackle complaints by reinforcing self-management skills. These skills may be on a personal, social and/or professional level. Professional reintegration is an essential part of the training, allowing both employer and employee to gain more insight.


As soon as we receive confirmation of our offer, the person concerned will receive an invitation to begin the intake procedure. This consists of a personal conversation of about 1,5 hours and filling out some personality questionnaires. This will serve as a basis for a diagnostics report and suggestions for recovery and reintegration. This will be provided by the psychologist within 10 work days. If the employee agrees, a copy will be sent to the company medical officer. In agreement with the employee, the employer/client will receive an update in writing containing professionally relevant information.

Personal training
The first step in a personal training is a counseling session based on the intake diagnostics. The suggestions for recovery and reintegration will also be discussed. The first sessions will usually take place on a weekly basis. If there are signs of recovery, this frequency will be adjusted to once every 2 to 3 weeks. The final sessions are planned as needed. Sessions are practical and result-driven and last 45 minutes. The employee will be given exercises and tools to apply at home and at work. The training will end when the employee is once again functioning optimally in both professional and private situations.

During the course, one consultation concerning reintegration will be held with all those involved (manager, company medical officer, personnel officer, employee, our psychologist). This will be held online or at our location. Depending on the offer, there might also be a second consultation.

The central aim of this consultation is to cooperate in the recovery and professional reintegration of the employee. In this consultation we will discuss what can be learned from the employee coming to terms with the problem and how this reflects on his professional situation; suggestions to promote recovery and reintegration will also be discussed. Balans & Impuls finds the interests of both employer and employee equally important in this matter.
The timing of these consultations will be decided by mutual consent. Usually, they take place after the intake/diagnostics and when the personal training is about to be finished. Besides these consultations, and only if the employee concurs, information may be shared by telephone with the company medical officer and manager. However, Balans & Impuls is reluctant to provide information in absence of the employee.

Examples of topics in a personal training course

• Learning to relax
• Effective use of time and energy
• Listening to yourself as a basis for self-management
• How to deal with high-pressure, performance demands
• Making choices
• How to come to terms with traumatic experiences at work (accidents or threats)
• Find and maintain satisfaction in private and professional life


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