Career coaching (concise course)

What is the Concise career coaching course?

Practically everyone may need some form of career coaching at some point in their professional life. Reasons vary widely. A person may feel a need for further personal development or increasing dissatisfaction with the present work situation, or a vague notion that ‘it’s time for something completely different’ may come up, or your company’s reorganization forces a career change on you. Whatever the reason may be, we are happy to offer you an opportunity to gain control over what career steps to take.

Our concise career coaching course increases your self-awareness and self-image. In no more than 6 sessions, a coach will give you professional support to translate this increased awareness and insight into making the right choices if it comes to decide what steps to take to further your career. An essential starting point is to make you aware of your ‘personal operation manual’: what can you do to improve your self-management and prevent or correct imbalances? What would be your ideal professional environment? Your present work situation will be closely examined: what brought you there, what prevented you from other things, and what do you need to move on? What are the steps you want to take in your career and how do these correlate with your private circumstances and your present stage of life?

Objectives of Career coaching (concise course)

Career coaching aims to increase your self-awareness and self-insight. This awareness and insight may then be translated into concrete career steps. A practical step-by-step plan will be drawn up for immediate implementation. Taking new steps in your career will result in fresh, positive energy and bring more satisfaction. You will learn how to function optimally within your limits and possibilities. Old habits and your personal ‘operation manual’ will be put to the test if you consider a change of career.


The objective and desired outcome of the course will be discussed beforehand. The training consists of:
• Career check
• 3 to 6 sessions (45 minutes + 15 minutes discussion) to increase self-insight, find positive energy and greater professional satisfaction, improve self-management and skills and how to make choices.

Sessions 1-3
• Finding answers to questions such as: where do I stand? What are my possibilities? How can I make the most of my talents? Where do I find energy and satisfaction?
• Drawing up your personal step-by-step plan of action, charting career opportunities and talent development

Sessions 4-6 (optional)
• Self-management and career development
• Making choices

For whom?

Our concise career coaching course is intended for people confronted with questions about their professional career who are in need of to-the-point, immediate answers. They need more self-insight and professional support to enable them to move on their career.


Increased self-insight and greater control over one’s talents and limits.


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