Career check

What is a career check?

Once in while we will all find ourselves wondering: is this really the right place for me? A thought that might spring to mind after a less than enjoyable working day, perhaps, or you may find yourself more or less obliged to consider it if your company is reorganising, or you feel that cannot make the most of your talents. But it is not always easy to determine which career path might fit you best, taking into account your personal situation and abilities. Our Career check provides insight in such problems.

A Career check, the most concise type of career analysis, consist of an interview and a number of questionnaires assessing your personality. Central issues are: what are your talents and how can you improve your ability? What professional and personal experience do you have? What do you need to learn to advance? What career steps do you want to take, considering your private circumstances and at this stage of your life?

Objectives of a Career check

A Career check aims to give you a grip on your talents, professional situation, and which role suits you best. It will reinforce your self-awareness and self-image, and release positive energy and power to take new steps in your career or to discover (new) satisfaction in your present job. It will answer questions such as:
• Where do I stand?
• What are my talents?
• What are my limitations?

It takes courage to find out who you are and where you would function optimally. We like to offer practical solutions to come to terms with such questions. Our Career check allows you to take control over your career by means of a practical, step-by-step plan of action. Taking these steps is bound to bring greater job satisfaction.


A Career check consists of:

• A diagnostics interview with a psychologist/coach (1.5 hours)
• Homework: questionnaires and self-analysis
• Analysis, report and plan of action by a psychologist/coach (2 hours)
• Advisory consultation (1 hour)


Deeper self-awareness and stronger self-image, combined with an individual step-by-step plan of action, allow you to control your career path.


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