Privacy policy


Dear guest,

Balans & Impuls created this privacy policy to inform you about how much we care about the privacy of your personal information in regards to our website. For this reason we carefully handle and secure the data we collect through our website. We work within the boundaries of the ‘Algemene Verordering Gegevensbescherming (AVG)’.

Balans & Impuls never communicates your information to other parties without your explicit permission or in case it’s demanded by law.



Below you will find explanations for concepts we use in our privacy policy.


Cookies are small text files a website places on a hard drive of a computer when you visited a website. The most important function is for the website to be able to make a distinction between users. Cookies are therefore often found on websites who request you to login. A cookie keeps you logged in.


An unique number which defines the address of a computer connected to the internet.


Information storage

Application forms

You will find several application forms on our website. The inputted information will be send to an email address within our organisation. We use this information as foundation for the agreement. The inputted information are not in anyway stored within the database of our website.


Newsletter subscription

You can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our website. You will henceforth receive an email with information, news and developments regarding products and services of Balans & Impuls. You can cancel your subscription anytime. Every newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe.



Analytical cookies

In order to be able to use our Google Analytics account we use analytical cookies. These cookies allow us to monitor our website’s traffic. We use this information to improve our website. It gives us insight to what pages attract the most attention, how guests move on the website and it keeps track how fast our pages load.

Blocking cookies

When you visit our website you are asked to agree with the use of cookies. As of now it is not possible to only (partially) allow certain cookies through our website. In case you do not want certain cookies we recommend you to change the appropriate settings of your web browser or to contact your IT-department.




Part of the procedure contains screening applicants. This means that we can look in to publicly available information about you online, such as your social media profiles. We can use information we acquire during the application process. Naturally we will always discuss the results with you.

The grounds for the processing of your information for the aforementioned ends are your permission, for as far as it is needed to eventually enter a contract with you, and our legitimate interest to judge your application to decide if we want to offer you a contract.

Retention periods

We do not save your information any longer than necessary for the aforementioned goals. In case there is no match between both parties after the application procedure we will not save your information longer than 6 weeks after the procedure ended. After this period your information will be removed from our systems.

If you provided us with permission to save your data longer we will save your data for a maximum of 6 months after the application procedure ended. After this period your data will be removed from our system.


Visitor rights

As a guest on the Balans & Impuls website you have the right to change the data you provided us with. Please make the request to look at, edit or remove your data known by sending an email to After receiving the request we will discuss the appropriate steps with you.



Our privacy policy is a ‘growing’ document. Therefore we recommend you check our privacy policy regularly. This in case any changes are made. The data of the last change of our privacy policy will always be displayed at the bottom of this page.



Website information

The displayed information on this website is compiled with the utmost care by Balans & Impuls. Changes can be made without any prior notice. Balans & Impuls does not accept any liability for the functioning and content of this website. Even though we compile the information on this website with the utmost care and do everything to prevent any form of abuse, Balans & Impuls does not accept any liability for information and/or messages send by users of the website on the internet. Furthermore, Balans & Impuls will not in any case be held accountable for damage caused by inaccuracies, incomplete information or in the unlikely case of malfunctioning of our website.

References and hyperlinks

When the Balans & Impuls website refers to a website which has not been acquired by us we can not be held accountable for it’s contents. Balans & Impuls is also not responsible for what happens with your personal information in the aforementioned websites.


If you are under the impression our security does not protect your information adequately or if you suspect information abuse in any way, please contact us at Balans & Impuls can not be held accountable for the possibility of virus’ or other harmful hyperlinks referring to websites or files which has not been acquired by Balans & Impuls.



Information, texts, names, images, pictures, logo’s or icons on the Balans & Impuls website are only presented as they are on our website. This without any commitment or guarantee of the appropriateness for commercials ends, practical use or infringement of other rights. It is prohibited to multiply or use the aforementioned materials for commercial ends without the explicit approval of Balans & Impuls.


Last changed: 13-2-2022