Rescue Workers' Foundation


The Rescue Workers’ Foundation

Our Aims
Rescue workers – police officers, firefighters, emergency service and military personnel, voluntary rescue teams – dedicate themselves to maintain order, safty and the health of others. They are important protectors of human rights.

The hazardous nature of their work may seriously harm their physical and mental health, with grave repercussions for their private lives and future prospects.

The Rescue Workers’ Foundations is a private initiative born from the idea that we owe these people a debt of gratitude for their commitment and dedication. lts aim is to provide backing and support for those who are at the ready for others 24/7.
The Rescue Workers’ Foundation aims to improve preventive and curative care for rescue workers and their families. We want to help workers confronted with the loss of job prospects and health due to the impact of the job to reestablish control over their lives, and stimulate them in rebuilding and redeveloping. lt is our goal to improve the mental and physical health of rescue workers and foster them in carrying out their life tasks, that is to say, to rediscover the experience of personal effectiveness in overall health, in family and social life, and in domestic and financial matters as well as in finding a purpose and meaning in life, and remaining positive and hopeful. lf these pillars of life are strong, they form a strong foundation to maintain good health in every respect.

The Recue Workers’ Foundation was initiated in 2018 by Heilwine Bakker, psychologist and director of Balans & Impuls. Many years of experience as a psychologist have confronted her with numerous heartbreaking situations in which rescue werkers found themselves and their families as a result of their professional life. She is currently conducting Ph. D. research into the consequences of rescue work and their profound effect on private life. The Rescue Workers’ Foundation was founded in the Netherlands and is active internationally.

How we work

  • Support initiatives within the ‘professional buddy support system’
  • Support preventive initiatives for rescue workers and their families
  • Support in finding solutions in personal/ family distressing situations
  • Support initiatives giving new meaning and finding new fulfillment in life if a career in rescue work has become impossible. This can be in job retraining, setting up a business, or doing voluntary work
  • Supporting rescue werkers and their families involved in rebuilding or reconstruction work after natural disasters or war

Our support can be financial or practical in the form of coaching or advice by volunteers.

Submissions for support should provide information and details about the purpose, method and desired results. They should not exceed three pages (size A4). lt is also important to indicate how long it will take for the initiative to become financially independent.

Additionally, the Rescue Werkers’ Foundation may take action to support initiatives brought to its attention. In principle, the Foundation will support small-scale, local projects, initiated by the rescue werkers involved.

The Foundation is active internationally. lt is independent and impartial as regards race, faith, or nationality.
All requests for support will be discussed by the Foundation’s board and subsequently discussed with applicants.

The Foundation is financially supported by Balans & Impuls. From every product we sell, minimal €5,- will go to the Foundation. We are open for donations of any kind.

The board is werking on volunteer base, only travel costs will be paid on realistic base.

Start: April 10, 2018
Founder: Heilwine Bakker
Board: H. Bakker (chairman), J. A. Ruibing (board member) and P. Herfst (board member)
KvK registration: 71411259
Address: Postbus 95317, 2509 CH Den Haag
Phonenumber: (+31) 070-3922261
Bankaccount IBAN NL21 RABO 0330 1393 71

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