Self-management in late career

Living and working without losing energy

With a great deal of life and work experience to draw on, the later stages in a career can be fascinating. You can use your experience in your work. You are adaptable and able to successfully tackle a wide variety of tasks. Fascinating and intense. Work requires you to be flexible, persevering and patient. Doing your job, guiding and coaching junior colleagues, developing new things, keeping in contact with colleagues and clients, keeping in touch with ever-changing rules and regulations, the 24-hour economy, the need to travel far and wide — all this is unlikely to lower your burden of work. And at your age it may occasionally be difficult to cope with that burden effectively. It is an uncomfortable truth that your energy and flexibility diminish over the years — confronting you with the uncomfortable fact that you simply can no longer do just anything you set your mind to.
Of course, it is not just people in the later stages of their career who are confronted with these problems. However, dropout figures clearly show that this specific group is most at risk. This training provides them with tools to maintain a vital and vigorous professional attitude.

Sometimes you feel as if you are walking on a tightrope, carefully balancing work and family, exertion and relaxation, giving and receiving energy. How are you supposed to maintain that balance? How do you keep your job enjoyable and interesting? How should you prepare for ‘getting on in years’? The answer lies in careful, attentive self-management. Our Group training course ‘Self-management in late career’ will provide guidance to retain a vigorous and energetic attitude toward your job


Developing or reinforcing practical skills in effective self-management in order to find and maintain a good balance in private and professional life. Learning how to use your specific qualities as a senior professional.


Your self-confidence will feel reinvigorated, and you will have sufficient skills at your disposal to react adequately to the many demands of everyday life, both at home and at work. You will gain insight in your stronger and weaker points and know how to cope with life’s demands. You will have a personal plan to give meaning to your life as a senior, both professionally and privately.


• Learn to listen to your own desires and needs
• Recognize sources of personal stress and support
• Effective management of time and energy
• Course of life and career
• Learning to cope with decreasing physical and mental flexibility
• Think-feel-act — the instruments of self-management
• How to deal with high-pressure performance demands
• Find and maintain satisfaction in private and professional life
• Making informed choices


Every topic consists of an introductory theoretical part, followed by exercises, assignments and games. There will be ample opportunity to share experiences (‘sharing is caring’). You will do assignments and exercises both at home and at work.

Target group?

This group training is intended for senior employees who want to increase their skills in effective self-management both privately and professionally. It is also suited for people experiencing (light) stress-related complaints eager to learn how to deal with them.

Number of meetings

This course is given over 3 days, with a follow-up day after 2 months. The course will be set up in consultation with the client.


The group will consist of between 8 and 12 participants.


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