Critical selection


Our Critical Selection is applicable in:
Selection of new personnel
• Promotion of employees
• Ability assessment as part of career development
• Issues in reorganization
• Career advice

Balans & Impuls Critical Selection is part of Balans & Impuls, a consultancy bureau offering training and advice. Our expertise lies in in-depth diagnostics and counseling in case of problems in the personal and/or professional sphere. Diagnostics will chart a person’s individual ‘operating manual’ as well as his or her abilities and possibilities. This provides insight in the way a person deals with himself and his environment. This ‘personal operating manual’ plays an important role in the selection process of personnel and in career guidance. It provides a transparent, in-depth view of what is a fitting professional context and uncovers which risks might present themselves. Our expertise will provide clear recommendations concerning career choice or personnel selection.


Our method distinguishes itself in that it looks further than the usual superficial image of competences and self-presentation. Our method of diagnostics and examination fathoms the personality structure, the ‘inner workings’, so to speak, of a person. This allows us to look ‘backstage’, as it were. An appropriate symbol for our method would be the matryoshka doll — digging deeper and deeper, we uncover the various layers of a personality.

Let us take an example. A person applying for a managerial position may adapt his attitude in both practical situations and by supplying information, say to convey an impression of extraversion and persuasiveness, by giving a generally strong self-presentation. The person concerned appears to be suitable, judging by his competences, his or her ‘outside personality’.
However, by taking a closer look at the basic patterns in this person’s behavior, his inner workings, a different image is revealed. We might see someone whose behavior, whose self-presentation and self-image do not fit in with his actual character, which might be introverted and docile. The greater the distance between self-presentation and inner character is, the more a person will force himself into a certain role or function, even if he or she is unaware of doing so. Of course, this might work well for some time, but it does present a serious risk of absenteeism or functional failure.
People will only function well when they can tap their inner resources and natural talents. It is not easy to assess a person’s individual qualities, as they are so often hidden under the surface. That is why our advice is not limited to finding an appropriate function, professional surroundings, or possible high-risk areas. We aim to provide an individual assessment and ‘operating manual’. We make suggestions to enhance the employer’s autonomy, as well as improve the employer’s management on an individual level.


Our method is characterized by the following:
• focus on basic patterns in personal history, personality and cognitive abilities
• distinguishing external and internal functioning
• in-depth assessment of the inner personality
• clear insight in fitting professional context, function and high-risk areas
• suggestions to improve the employee’s self-management and/or career opportunities
• suggestions for adequate individual management

Setup and content

We offer various programs, depending on your specific problem

A concise version:

• interview to uncover basic patterns in personal history
• talent assessment
• concise personality assessment
• advisory consultation
• short report

An extended version:
• interview to uncover basic patterns in personal history
• talent assessment
• extensive personality assessment
• practical exercise, based on input from the employer concerning a critical professional situation
• advisory consultation
• extensive report
• advisory discussion with all those concerned (employee, employer, management)

The nature and subject of the problem may require closer definition of setup, contents and pricing. Guidelines concerning our pricing are available on request.


Within 5 weekdays after reception of the application, the person concerned will be invited for assessment. The concise version takes one morning or afternoon, the extended version one day. The resulting report is sent to the employer, in agreement with the employee. If an advisory discussion is required, this will be held within 10 days.


The right person in the right spot. The critical and thorough basis of our approach will ensure that personal ability and talent will find the optimal environment to flourish. Our advisory report provides a clear manual to follow, to the long-term advantage of all those involved.


Our assessments and examinations may be combined with several individual coaching sessions. These will be based on the suggestions as made in our advisory report. They concentrate on the general development and reinforcement of self-management. Topics to be considered are, among others, effective communication, management, enhancing self-confidence and decision making.


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Balans & Impuls subscribes to the guidelines as set out by NIP (Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen).

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