Evaluation of the reintegration process


The involvement of various professionals in the field facilitates the process. Their work together is directed on the recovery of the client, looking after a purposeful and individualized plan of action. This occurs via clear communication and simultaneous coordination of all the involved parties. Think about: managers, personnel officers, company medical officers, employees and our psychologists.


Method and procedures

As soon as the employee has been stabilized and is ready for the reintegration phase, Balans & Impuls will set up a ‘round-table meeting’.In this meeting the client, company doctor, manager and/or personnel officer and our psychologist will be present. The aim of this meeting is to prepare the reintegration process and provide constructive feedback about the personal training. Balans & Impuls is flexible when it comes to the reintegration process, this means that we adjust to the personal needs of the client. We make an emphasis on the need for both, the employee and the employer to keep an open mind and learn from the process. The employer is responsible for documenting the meetings.

The following points will be discussed:

•  Review — What are the causes of the client’s absenteeism, privately and professionally? What are the lessons from this experience? How can learned lessons and skilss be applied in the work situation? What can the emplorer do to improve the efficiency of the employee?
•  Preview — What would be a good starting point in order to ensure the reintegration process? Which professional activities correspond well with personal possibilities and limitations? What are the needed conditons in order to achieve recovery and reintegration?
•  Formulate aims and goals

Usually it begins with the ‘round-table meeting’, which provides mutual coordination and a purposeful approach to professional reintegration. It also enables employer and employee to comply to their obligations as required by law (‘Wet Poortwachter’).

What is the role of Balans & Impuls?

Our expertise area is recovery and professional reintegration of the employees who struggle with their work as a result of psychological complaints. For this purpose, the trainings are guided by a psychologist wich offers several ‘personal training’ options. We consider all aspects which concerns the client, not just the employee who is directly involved but also the employer. This, allows us to take into account the various points and interesess. The meeting will make way for mutual communication; it strives to stimulate the main mutual interest, which is successful professional reintegration.

Additionally, Balans & Impuls will provide concrete recommendations about tasks, taxability and workcontext. Balans & Impuls carries out research into the effectiveness of personal training 'Dossier Effect Studie'. The outcome of these studies are always available upon request.


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