Career coaching (intensive course)

What it is?

Our intensive career coaching course offers intensive support in personal development and greater individual control over how to further your career. There are various reasons to opt for intensive career coaching. There maybe a need for further development, a vague notion that it is time for ‘something different’ or you may be forced into another direction by a change in your professional situation or that of your company. You may have come to realize that you are not quite in the right place or you may find less satisfaction in your work. It is often very difficult to decide what to do, which steps to take and how to find out what might be more rewarding, and how to fully exploit your talents and abilities.

It takes courage to work on yourself and to find out who you are and where and how you would function best. Making these steps will lead to increased satisfaction and more joy in your work.

Our intensive career coaching course increases your self-awareness and self-image. This will serve to formulate which career development is desired, within the context of your personality, your talents and limitations, private situation and stage of life. Intensive counselling will give you fresh, positive energy and renewed strength to choose a new direction in your career or find more satisfaction in your present professional situation. Diagnostic results may be discussed with the employer and may be used to modify prior working conditions or to answer the need for change.

An essential starting point in intensive career coaching is to make you aware of your personal ‘operating manual’. What can you do to increase your self-management and prevent or correct imbalances? What would be your ideal professional environment? Figuratively speaking: you cannot grow orchids in the desert or a cactus in a meadow — they cannot thrive. And so it is with people. A sensitive, creative person will not thrive in a business-like, result-driven atmosphere, just as a go-getter will feel uneasy doing paperwork in an office.

Finding the right climate in which a person can flourish gives satisfaction and makes for a happy worker. Our in-depth, practical, result-driven guidance can help you find or create that climate. Sharing the outcome of our diagnostic research in an open discussion with the employer can greatly increase the usefulness of the intensive coaching course.


The objective and desired outcome of the coaching will be discussed beforehand. The following objectives are always included:
• Increasing self-awareness (‘Where do I stand?’) about talents, abilities, limits, pitfalls and traps, sources of inspiration, values, etc.
• Increasing self-management of talents as well as limitations
• Stimulating purposeful, forward-looking behaviour in making career choices
• Take responsibility for and realising necessary steps in career advancement
• Increase insight into the context within which these career steps are to be taken (internal/external markets, business trends and opportunities)

In short, our aim is to find out how to function optimally within the given limitations of a person’s own talents and abilities. New demands or steps in your life will test old habits and your ‘personal operating manual’. That makes it important to strengthen and broaden the skills needed for self-management.


A personal intensive career coaching consists of:
• Career check
• 6-10 session (45 minutes + 15 minutes discussion), depending on the seriousness of the participant’s situation and whether there is a need for follow-up. In trainings in which the emphasis is on reflection and development, sessions will take place once every two weeks. If the training is rather more concerned with providing support in times of crisis, there will be one session per week.

The content of these sessions will be in line with the client’s diagnostics and learning goals. However, all sessions are structured as follows:

Sessions 1-3
• increasing self-awareness
• Translate this into behavioral change
• Effective self-management of the own career
• Healthy work habits, stimulating satisfaction and vitality

Sessions 4-8
• Coping with loss or disappointment over failed expectations
• Acquire more or renewed insight in personal abilities and possibilities
• Draw up a ‘grid’ to assess organizations, jobs and personal interests. This includes:
– abilities
– skills
– interests
– context, prerequisites
-personal limitations

This will bring focus, purpose and realism into the selection and development process
• Learn to choose, defeat growing pains and fear of change

Sessions 9-10
• These are follow-up sessions intended to consolidate the new-found balance and stimulate further development.


One of the essential tenets of coaching is best expressed as ‘insight without action brings no change’. Therefore, just 10 minutes of each session are devoted to discussion; the rest of the time is given to training by means of exercises and providing ‘handles’ to allow for greater control. This approach is based on ideas of Heilwine Bakker*. Our methodology is based on insights and methods from psychodrama and directive and cognitive behavioural theories.


Translating insight into behavioral change, specifically in accordance with desired career development.

Round-table consultation

The objectives and desired results of the coaching may be aligned in a ‘round-table consultation’. The set-up of this consultation depends on the wishes of the participant and the client, usually the employer. Within the framework of these objectives there is an option to limit feedback to a written report to the employer, in agreement with the participant.


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