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Target group?

For managers and HRM-advisors who feel closely involved in their employees’ well-being and aim to create a healthy, stimulating professional atmosphere in which people feel at home and can fully develop their talents.

Your worries — our concern!

What should you do when occasional absenteeism gradually develops into a permanent problem? What do you do when people drop-out with vague psychological complaints? How to react to complaints about high work pressure? How to deal with someone who does not function satisfactorily but seems ignorant about it? How to make employees commit to the company? As a manager or HRM-advisor you will be regularly confronted with these questions and find them hard to answer. If that is the case, it may be useful to exchange ideas with independent advisors with a broad knowledge about people as well as organizations. We can bring you into contact with the right people for you to talk to, people who will think along with you.

Why choose us?

Balans & Impuls has been a partner for all parties involved in coaching and training courses: employees, managers, HRM-advisors and company medical officers. This is how we have accumulated a broad understanding of current developments within organizations. It allows us a helicopter view of the many different structural solutions available for the wide variety of professional and human questions that confront you. We can set up open brain-storming sessions to find out what could work for you, finding a solution that fits your organization, based on our in-depth knowledge of and wide expertise in many different fields. Finding simple solutions for complex problems is our challenge. In this way we can quickly provide our clients with tools to handle their problems, allowing them to review and tackle them.


Depending on the nature of the problem, we will set up an exploratory consultation with the client. This involves an in-depth discussion of the questions and problems as they arise, allowing us to get a picture of the various developments within the organization. The outcome of this discussion will be the basis for a thorough analysis of the problem in question, its various ins and outs and possible solutions. After this, we will set up a brainstorming session with the client. This will start out by defining the targets and goals of the session, which will then concentrate on how these might best be achieved. Such a session can take between one and four hours, depending on the nature of the problem in question and the number of participants. If desired, possible future steps may be agreed on after the session. Balans & Impuls will also provide written feedback about the targets and outcome.

Suggestions for brainstorming sessions

• Tackling absence through illness (physical/psychological)
• Age-aware personnel management — taking care of young and old
• Maintaining a healthy balance between private and professional life
• Creating an inspiring work climate with a good balance between exertion and relaxation
• Dealing with recalcitrant, difficult employees
• Setting up internal coaching, for instance through internal mentoring


After a free consultation in your offices we will be happy to make you a personalized offer and think along with you to find solutions!


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