Online training

Balans & Impuls offers several online and/or E-health modules.

Online training platform

We offer several courses at the Balans & Impuls online environment. We offer several variations of the courses: training (multiple days) and workshops (half a day - a full day). Every variation has a workbook (PDF) and educational movies. Additional personal online assistance is possible. The educational movies can also be used to supplement our regular face-to-face courses.

Coures have the following variations:

  • Workshop, independent (1 day)
  • Workshop, with assistance from a coach/trainer (1 day)
  • Training, independent (2 days)
  • Training, with assistance from a coach/trainer (2 days)
Please visit our online training environment for an overview of the available courses.
Visit our online training environment

Trafficlight tool

The objective of this webapp is to help increase your mental health. This happens in three ways:

  • The Traffic Light. On the road green could be interpreted as `go on`, orange as `an action is required soon` and red as `action has to be taken`. In this case we use the Traffic Light to measure the degree of stress signals:
    • Red equals severe stress signals. They force you to action because it impacts your daily functioning.
    • Orange equals light, starting stress signals. These stress signals serve as a beacon to let you take action in time.
    • Green equals relaxation and vitality. The body and mind are in good health.
  • Based on your profile. After finishing a questionnaire we can provide you with exercises tailer mode for you.
  • By your own objectives. You submit your own goals. After every exercise you can evaluate your progress. 

You will benefit the most from this webapp when you use all three of the points above. This ensures you get relevant exercises. 

Mental First-Aid

First-aid for physical health is a concept we are familiar with. Trained volunteers are invaluable for protecting health. Often when we think of first-aid, we think of the example of CPR training. However, little attention is paid to the training of how we deal with psychological problems.
Given we live in a time of a worldwide pandemic, there is a lot of psychological distress, making it more necessary than ever to know how to (re)act. Therefore, we offer you this training in mental first-aid.

Training Structure

  • The training consists of two days, of which you will train independently, online for two half-days. There will also be two half-days where you will be required to attend training in person.
  • An annual follow-up training for one day. This day also concerns a half-day of online training and a half-day of in-person training.


Upon successful participation and passing of necessary tests, participants will receive a certificate according to HBO registration CRKBO. If participants do not pass the tests, display skills which are deemed inadequate or engage in harmful behaviour towards people with psychological complaints during the training, the certificate will not be granted.

Mental e-Health training

When you experience complaints of tension, gloominess, uncertainty or other unhealthy habits that you do not manage to change. You are still working and things are under control in your private life, but you are aware: ‘If I do nothing my complaints will grow worse’, then Mental e-Health training can be of help. Mental e-Health training is aimed at strengthening your health and preventing diseases.