Balance in Life and Work

Control your balance

How do you maintain your vitality, energy and satisfaction in work and life? Is that at all possible? Yes, it certainly is! Finding your work-life balance lies in your own hands.

‘Research by Sue Lewis in the Netherlands, India, Japan, Norway, South-Africa, Great-Britain and the US invariably shows the same picture: people suffer under the burden of modern life. They are busy. Too busy for themselves, for friends, family, for reflection. And they do not see how they are supposed to create more space, more light, more freedom. They have money and work, indeed, they may have prospects of better work and more money. But they do not have the time and hardly the energy to do the things they enjoy or find important. And all the while the pressure of work is going up.’

Sue Lewis is professor of Management Leadership & Organizations at Middlesex University, London


Living and working without loss of energy

We live in demanding times. You must move along with the high-speed developments and changes in our society. You must process a huge flood of information, both at work and in your free time: professional publications, mails, magazines, newspapers, courses, internet, meetings and seminars… So many things confront you and so much is expected… You want to pay attention to your work, but you do not want to neglect your loved ones and friends, you want to relax, spend time on your hobbies and your self-development… You need to choose, to prioritize. Sometimes you simply feel overstretched. You are too busy and just cannot find the time to reflect on yourself. And the more is the pity, because quiet reflection offers new opportunities for development and will stimulate your creativity.

Sometimes you feel as if you are walking on a tightrope, carefully balancing work and family, exertion and relaxation, giving and receiving energy. How should you maintain that balance? How should you keep your life and work healthy, enjoyable and interesting?
The answer lies in careful, attentive self-management. Our Group training course ‘Balance in life and work’ has been specifically developed to help you with finding and keeping your balance in life and in work.


Finding a healthy balance between the demands that are made on you (and the demands you make on yourself), and the need for rest and relaxation. The guiding principle is learning to rely on your own personal power to find your own way and make your own choices.


Your self-confidence will receive a boost and you will have at your disposal a wide array of skills to allow an adequate response to the demands made on you both at home and at work. Being in charge of yourself makes you feel energetic and vigorous and will benefit your environment as well as yourself.


Course program

Day 1 — Assessing you balance
The first day of the course will be devoted to the facts and causes of the increasing pressure of life and work and the consequences this has on mind and spirit. Discussions, exercises and games will be used to establish the current state of our personal work-life balance. To what extent does the way in which we organize our life and work correspond to the way we would like it be organized?

Topics on Day 1:
• Increasing pressures of life — facts and causes
• Recognizing a disturbed balance
• Finding sources of stress and energy
• Learn to relax and find peace
• How to deal with high-pressure performance demands
• Setting personal goals for a healthy balance

Day 2 — Wishes come true: finding your work-life balance
The main theme of the second day will be how to realize a healthy balance in practical terms. The emphasis will be on learning to make choices. Another aspect will be learning to decisively assert your needs towards others.

Topics on Day 2:
• From wish to reality: asserting your own wishes and needs
• Boosting your personal resilience
• Making choices according to your own wishes and values
• A personal action plan

Day 3 — Follow-up
The third day of the course takes place about two months after the second and is devoted to feedback about the action plans. Experiences will be shared: what went right/wrong, what can be recommended? What snags are we confronted with, and how should we deal with them?

The program will be set up in agreement with the participants. Emphasis will be on the translation of choices into action.


Every topic consists of an introductory theoretical part, followed by exercises and games. There will be ample opportunity to share experiences (‘sharing is caring’). You will do assignments and exercises both at home and at work.

Cost and payment

The client will receive an offer tailored to his wishes. If this is agreed he will receive an invoice, to be paid within two weeks. Charges for a made-to-measure course will be invoiced separately. The course may be held ‘in company’ or on location.


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