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Background and approach

Since 1997, Balans & Impuls has been a partner for people and organizations in effective management of sources of stress and energy. We focus on finding a healthy balance between exertion and relaxation, giving and receiving energy, life and work. Only balance nurtures the creative impulse.

We are living in times of rapid change and new developments, and our aims are set high. Some people commonly go through the day in a furious, non-stop pace, whereas others prefer a part-time job. No matter what we choose, a flood of information overwhelms us everyday, both at home and at work. And anyhow, our professional and private lives are continuously getting more intertwined, bringing the need for reorientation and a new balance.

However, not everybody finds it easy to maintain their balance in these circumstances. Unfortunately, the first, worrying signs are visible already: more and more people suffer from psychological complaints and find themselves unfit to work. Media reports about work stress, nervous exhaustion and burnout abound. Governments and organizations are aware of the need for action, that we live in a time that calls for a new corporate culture — one that can accommodate new, diverse desires and needs.

Balans & Impuls helps to bring this about. Our program of personal training and coaching courses, group training courses, research and advice can assist you to revitalize and reenergize your organization. In this way we support employers in preventing and reducing fall-out and absenteeism caused by psychological complaints. Our products are intended for people seeking to increase their personal effectiveness and self-management. Balans & Impuls pays particular attention to high-risk groups such as senior and junior employees, ethnic groups, women (and men) combining duties of care with a professional career, as well as those in stress-sensitive jobs such as rescue and health workers, education and professional services.

Balans & Impuls strive for quality. Our trainers and psychologists are specialists with a great deal of experience in work-related problems. We offer a wide range of set products, besides which we can develop workshops, courses and training in accordance with your wishes.

Heilwine Bakker
managing director B&L

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