Do you want to…

  • experience more peace and quiet?
  • find more joy in a hectic life?
  • improve your power of concentration?
  • learn to understand what your body is telling you?
  • learn how to relax?
  • find a better balance between being there for yourself and for others?
  • be more aware of how to respond to certain situations?
  • change how you cope with unhelpful patterns of thinking?
  • find a practical, effective way to deal with stress?

If you do, Mindfulness training is for you!

What is Mindfulness, and how does it work?

Mindfulness training is an attention training, a relatively new way of coping with stress, ingrained reaction patterns, worrying, pain and fatigue. It offers a unique approach to managing your mind’s processes by teaching a relaxed co-existence with what is.
The development of an ‘open attention’ and an ‘attitude of acceptance’ allows for space and freedom of choice in a more conscious reaction to coping with problems as well as joy. Mindfulness reinforces your capacity for self-management.

“Mindfulness is the awareness that arises from paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally, to things as they are.”.
* Williams, Teasdale, Segal and Kabat-Zinn (2007)

The training teaches mindfulness techniques and the development of a mindful attitude. You learn to focus your attention and be in the here and now. You will do exercises in non-judgmental attention and gentler way of observing your environment. The mindfulness method teaches you to relax, develop a more open attitude and enjoy life more. It has a positive effect on your ability to attune your mood and appease the mind and nerves, even if you have been coping with stress or traumatic experiences. Gradually your relation with what happens around you will change.

The MBSR training

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a group training with set structure and set parts. It has been developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1980s. The training is based on Western scientific knowledge of medical biology and psychology, in combination with Eastern psychological knowledge and techniques such as meditation and yoga. The training distinguishes seven tenets: non-judging, patience, beginner’s mind, trust, non-striving, acceptance, letting go. There is ample scientific proof for the effectiveness of the program.

In 8 meetings, participants will be stimulated to change their way of dealing with their own specific problems. The training explains the themes and active principles of mindfulness and what caused us to lose our natural ability for mindfulness. It is largely practice-driven and includes a mental as well as a physical approach. It stimulates general well-being and processing emotions and provides techniques to relax and create a peaceful atmosphere.

Your attitude towards your problems will change. A different attitude towards life implies lowering stress, insomnia, insecurity, etc. Sometimes problems just fade away.

Participants are free to decide what they want to share with others and are not in any way responsible for solving each other’s problems. Naturally, they can support each other by practicing mindfulness and compassion in their exchanges within the group. Our trainer is a professional in guiding the learning process of the group as a whole and of its members. More information is available on the website of the VMBN (professional association).

Exercises in attention
Various meditation techniques are used. Sitting meditation, a lying down meditation exercise and ‘mindful movement’ are part of the program. All exercises will be discussed afterwards. This evaluation of what is going well and where problems are encountered is important in developing insight and self-management.

Intended for…
Our Mindfulness course is aimed at professional people. It is particularly useful for people who often feel under pressure of time and those with work-related problems. Mindfulness training is particularly suited for people suffering from physical complaints, chronic pain or stress, as well as for those with a tendency to worry or feel down-hearted and anxious. However, this program is also suited for anyone with an interest in mindfulness and those who want to pay more attention to their personal development or seek to preclude stress.

There is one meeting per week. The program consists of 8 mornings or afternoons of 3 hours each and one day of silence. The entire training last 2.5 months, taking into account school holidays.

Insight without action changes nothing — the importance of training

In the weekly meeting the trainer discusses various exercises with the group. Some of these will be homework. Mindfulness is truly a training: learning by doing, developing skills by repetition. Participants will be given further explanation about the various topics and exercises in a workbook and MP3s. ‘Homework’ will take about an hour a day, on average.

The Mindfulnesstrainer

Richard van Holsteijn, Mindfulnesstrainer MBSR en MBCT

Richard is connected to Balans & Impuls as Mindfulness trainer. Based on his experience with different kinds of yoga and meditation and his activities as coach/trainer he decided to follow an education to become a mindfulness trainer. He has a lot of experience coaching individuals, groups and knows how to effectively use group processes. He likes to help bring out the potential he believes is present deep down within everyone already. Trust, awareness, authenticity and growth are key factors for this approach.

Autumn 2021 – by Richard Holsteijn

  1. wednesday 6 October
  2. wednesday 13 October
  3. wednesday 20 October
  4. wednesday 27 October
  5. wednesday 3 November
  6. wednesday 10 November
  7. wednesday 17 November
  8. wednesday 24 NovemberDay of silence: 4 december 

• Time: 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
• Business cost: € 925 including book, exercise book and meditations on mp3
Please send applications to secretariaat@balans-en-impuls.nl

* Please note that there will be an intake prior to the training


For more information, please call 0031-70-392 22 61 or send an e-mail to secretariaat@balans-en-impuls.nl

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