2 tips to help you manage your mental health at Christmas

  • event 01-12-2023
  • schedule 09:00
  • timer 1 minuut

Christmas is commonly portrayed with colorful decorations, beauty, cheers, indulgence, presents, happy times, but it can also bring sadness and loneliness to those, who lost loved one and are alone. It can brings financial stress, helplessness and frustrations to individuals who cannot afford it and/or stress when one wants to presents that idealistic Hollywood image but fails to reach that level of perfection. It can also bring up old pains to the surface. For some thus Christmas leads to the experiencing of poor mental health.  

What can you do?

  1. Me time: Be kind to yourself when you schedule your’’ to do’’ plans and plan some ‘me time’ too. Do something that you enjoy such as mediate, listen to music, yoga, dance, take a hot bath etc.


  1. Practice Mindfulness to become more self-aware: Focusing the mind on your body and being present at the moment will help you protect yourself and know timely when you need to take better care of yourself because you have reached your emotional, psychological and physical limitations. You can download an app from our site to help you start with deep breathing and relaxations exercises.