Are men less lonely than women?

  • event 01-05-2024
  • schedule 12:00
  • timer 1 minuut

According to research, women express feeling more lonely than men. Are women more lonely than men of do they report more loneliness than men? Does our culture make it more possible for woman to feel more conformable to share their emotions and thus women admit  and express it more?

Men are less likely to be completely open and vulnerable with others. Loneliness in man is commonly well disguised. It can be more noticeable in their behavior. For example, men tend to be more silent and feel disconnected from people around them. They will seem more grumpy, bored, annoyed and distant. Self-isolation from friends and family can be an indication that a man is feeling lonely. They tend to fill the emptiness with alcohol or substances. Men engage in more sexual activities as an attempt to find a connection with another and numb the loneliness with substance such as alcohol.  

What can you do?

  1. First of all realize that loneliness is a human emotion. Everyone feels or has felt loneliness in their life time. It is normal and it is not a weakness.
  2. Making new connections and strengthen existing relationships: Look for people who share similar values and interests as you. Be more present in every interaction that you find meaningful, valuable and pleasurable. Form relationships in which you feel safe and fulfilled.
  3. Join a community:Finding volunteer work and/or support groups for like-minded people can help reduce feelings of loneliness as you feel part of something bigger than you. It strengthens a sense of belonging.
  1. Do things you enjoy.Being alone doesn’t mean you will feel lonely. So, find activities that you can do by yourself and find the enjoyment in being with yourself.