Take a compassion break (2)

  • event 02-10-2023
  • schedule 14:00
  • timer 1 minuut

If you are feeling overwhelmed by emotional pain, fear or loneliness, have negative self-talk and your inner critic is overactive, then you need to take a compassion break.

Step 1: identify, acknowledge all the emotions, which you are feeling and accept each emotion for what it is. Just let it be there, without judgment and experience the emotion. 

Step 2: Remind yourself that negative thoughts and emotions are part of being human. Everyone  experiences them. It’s is natural and normal. This will help you become more kind to yourself and find a more compassionate voice. 

Step 3: How can I compassionately react to my negative emotions? What can I say to myself that will comfort me? What can I do to feel better about myself? Just do what you need to feel better and be more compassionate to yourself.

 Try  to do this quick exercise the next time that you are experiencing negative emotions and see if it helps you.

Inspired by Kristin Neff