Test your inner negative self-talk

  • event 01-09-2023
  • schedule 00:00
  • timer 1 minuut

The negative thoughts that we have about ourselves are often formed due to cognitive errors, which make them unhelpful, distorted and irrational. The 5 most common errors are listed below.

  1. Write down your most repeated negative sentences that you tell yourself.
  2. Read the following and see whether they could apply to your thoughts


  • Filtering: focusing on the negative aspects of a situation that suites our thoughts and ignoring all of the positive aspects that are incongruent with our thoughts. E.g. you got a good grade but you are only focusing on the mistakes you made.
  • Personalizing: taking full excessive responsibility for the negatives that occur while ignoring the other factors that are also involved, thereby leading to self-blame. E.g. if only I was perfect, he would have loved me.  
  • Catastrophizing: the tendency to perceive the most extreme negative side and blow it out of proportion. E.g. I made a silly joke and now no one will ever take me seriously again.
  • All or nothing: judgment about ourselves and others are seen as all good or all bad. There is no middle ground. e.g. I am incapable of doing anything well.
  • Overgeneralizaton: taking an isolated incident and making it a general, global rule that applies to present and future. E.g. failing an exam and saying I will never be successful.
  1. Based on your insights, how could you formulate the sentence differently? Write it down.