Small things you can do when you feel unappreciated by others

  • event 03-04-2023
  • schedule 00:00
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People pleasing can lead to feeling depleted and unappreciated. With time, these feelings can intensify and morph to anger, frustrations and resentment. When we overly cater to others wishes and fulfil their needs, there is a certain expectancy level that is being built and with that the pleaser is often being taken for granted.


When this happened you can try to:

  1. Focus on what your pleasing behavior does for you. If you focus on the way it makes you feel and your beliefs and not the lack of a’’ thank you’’, it might bother you less.
  2. You can explore if besides the verbal gratitude there are other ways in which one shows their appreciation.
  3. Communicated how it makes you feel and how you wish to be treated.
  4. Start saying no more often. Make your lack of efforts and availability more visible. It might show others how much you actually do for them.
  5. 5. Sometimes when we feel negative emotions, we tend to use overgeneralization. That is a cognitive error that is expressed in words such as ‘’always, never, no one’’. Challenge your thoughts and check the facts to insure that your thoughts are indeed rational and helpful. Formulate new thoughts that reflect your findings.