Laughter boosts your mental and physical health

  • event 01-11-2023
  • schedule 09:00
  • timer 1 minuut

Did you know that having a good laugh was reported to have physical benefits such as : Boosts immune system; Lowers stress hormones; Decreases pain; Prevents heart disease;  Relaxes your muscles and even burns calories?

Are you aware that it also has emotional and social benefits such as attracts others to us, enhances teamwork, reduces anger, relieves stress, strengthens resilience, reduces distressing emotions ,shifts attention and improves mental health?

When was the last time that you laughed ? When was the last time that you created an opportunity for yourself to have a laugh? Sometimes a laugh comes naturally but sometimes you need to expose yourself to a situation in which you might laugh and thus seek it.

The following are some ideas that you can try:

  • Watch a funny movie or YouTube video
  • Play or goof around with kids
  • Do something silly
  • Listen or read funny stories
  • Talk with people whom you consider to be funny
  • Go to comedy clubs,
  • Look at funny pictures

You can plan it in your daily routine. Even if you will read a joke and it takes you 2 minutes, that is better than non at all. That’s 2 minutes of positivity and at the end of the day and at the end of the week ,it all add up thus. Give it a chance and enhance the laughter moments in your life.