Taking responsibility and focusing on yourself

  • event 01-02-2022
  • schedule 13:04
  • timer 1 minuut

February 2022

Clients, who come to therapy often feel stuck or say they are not able to do something or cannot anymore.  Sometimes in order to improve and grow we need to make a conscious choice. In making  that choice we take responsibility on the progress we make. In consciously choosing to actively participate and practice in the sessions and beyond, one takes responsibility and prioritizes  one’s own needs, emotions, thoughts, values, behavior, happiness etc. The willingness to take responsibility and stand up for one’s self, needs to be accompanied by discipline. The discipline to pause, think, feel, choose, act while keeping the self and own wellbeing in mind.

What can you do to better support yourself in the process of being aware, proactive and strategically taking action to promote your wellbeing?

  1. Mind your language- instead of I can’t, try saying I would like to try or I will make an effort to.. Instead of being self-critical try a finding self-affirmations and cheer yourself on.   Remind yourself of your strength and achievements. Find compassionate inner voice to fight the voice that is putting your down.
  2. Focus your energy in the solution- Try to take some steps in doing things that you can change and influence. Putting things in motion will give you energy, motivation and some ease. Recognize and respect the efforts that you have made thus far, even when  the results may not be as big as you expected. Keep trying. Keep consciously choosing your actions every time in order to protect your wellbeing and personal growth. In doing so you are also strengthening your self-respect and self-worth.