Part 2 - Dealing with uncertainty

  • event 06-01-2022
  • schedule 15:41
  • timer 1 minuut

December 2021

In the previous part we talked about behavior change. This month we will deal with thoughts that are linked with uncertainty. In times of chaos and disbalance , it helps to try to find some meaning and purpose in the whole chaos. Research has found that if we feel our life is full with purpose and we follow are values, then we are happier. As social being one can achieve meaningfulness and purpose by making a difference in someone else life. It may be by, for example, giving practical help, sharing knowledge, giving a shoulder to cry on or just being present with others and going out of the house, but it motivates and strengthens the presence of positive emotions in our lives. Giving social, emotional, intellectual and practical support helps us feel connected, reduces loneliness and strengthens our determination and sense of worth.

In times of uncertainty, not feeling alone will already be reduced if one cares for others. Furthermore, it helps to take action and regain a sense of control as one is actively doing something to make sense of the situation and improve it. It can also give hope.

Think about it, what can you do, even the smallest thing to give you a sense of purpose? What can you do to create change?

How can you use your skills, experience, knowledge to contribute to another individual or the community?

What are your norms and values and what can you chose to pursue them?
Take responsibility and live by your inner compass. Make a difference in others’ life and thereby your own.