Boost the power of your walk by using mindfulness

  • event 01-08-2023
  • schedule 00:00
  • timer 1 minuut

Try this simple mindfulness excise that will help you feel more present and grounded while taking a walk in nature. Choose to take a walk at a place that helps you relax and feel calm and yet safe. For some it maybe a walk on the beach and for other climbing a mountain or take a walk through a forest.

Start walking but instead of just walking try to really be mindful of what you are experiencing.

What are you hearing? Are there more than one sound? Which is the nicest? the farthest a way? The loudest? Which one you dislike? Why? Can you hear your own footsteps? Are there changes in the sounds while you walk?

Do the same with the rest of your senses:

What you are seeing? Think of what objects, sizes, colors, textures, shadows, light etc.

What are you smelling?

How does it feel? E.g. wind blowing at at your hair, the sunlight at your face, the ground underneath you, something at your hand?

What are you tasting? Drink water or eat something and describe it to yourself.