Part 1 - Dealing with uncertainty

  • event 01-12-2021
  • schedule 10:09
  • timer 1 minuut

December 2021

Since the Corona started many people experience allot of uncertainty. With the constant flow of divers information and split opinions, limited freedom and changes around us, the sense of loss, helplessness, hopelessness, frustrations and emotional distress are common. One of the ways in which we can cope with uncertainty is to limit what we expose ourselves to and to find a way to comfort ourselves while trying to keep safe and protected.

Comforting ourselves is often associated with drinking alcohol, eating comfort food, smoking, shopping etc., but these are not healthy coping behaviors when done excessively and for a long term. It appears that we are in this for the long run, thus we need to find healthy ways of comforting ourselves.

In thinking about replacement  choices, start by thinking about what does, for example, eating junk food do for me? How do I feel, what do I think while doing it or behave as a result ?

Make a list of activities, places, people, topics etc. that can fulfil the same function. For example, taking a walk on the beach, talking with your best friend, taking a bubble bath while listening to music, yoga etc.  and do it. Plan to do it whenever you feel a certain way. Make it  your new go to coping instead of that unhealthy habit and see if it helps you.