Alone Time Is Important

Alone Time Is Important
  • event 06-09-2022
  • schedule 15:43
  • timer 1 minuut

September 2022

Being around other people comes with rewards, such as, pleasure, inspiration, satisfaction, feeling of belongingness, but it also creates stress and can cost you energy. Research demonstrated that some time alone can have restorative effects in achieving better wellbeing and balance. By taking a break  from others and being with ourselves, we can choose to take advantage of that moment in time to invest time in reflecting on our own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It enables us find our inner voice, build up energy and express our creativity.

In our daily life, we often are confronted with expectations from colleagues and friends, family obligations and parental responsibilities. In order to ensure your ‘’me time’’, you first need to be clear about your need to be alone with others. Add specific details in your request as to reassure others of what you do, how long for and where you will be. That helps to prevent worrying and provide better understanding what and how much you require.

Keep in mind that with taking time for yourself comes reciprocity. When you show flexibility with others needs too, they will be more likely to return the favor. That will increase the likelihood of achieving your alone time. When there is no one else to share the responsibilities, try to take many small breaks or take the initiative to take advantages of more peaceful times of the day ,such as wake up a bit earlier. You can even choose to sit alone in an office as to minimize your time with others.  You might want to ask for support from a family member once and awhile too.

Try to make retreating a bit from social interaction a part of your daily routine and see if it helps you. Plan the where, how, what, when and carry it out. Start today!