Making lemonade out of limes

  • event 01-06-2023
  • schedule 00:00
  • timer 1 minuut

Life may not go as you want it to be. You may, for example, have conflict with your mother, hate you job, have  debts, problem with your kids etc… you may feel depressed, angry, disappointed, helplessness and hopelessness. Your emotions may lead to passivity, lack of motivation and poor mental and physical health. Focusing on your achievements and what is going well in your life will  bring more balance in your life. Focusing on your strengths, purpose, capacities will strength your self-worth and reduce your helplessness.  

Another way is reflection. Identify what makes you dissatisfied in your life. Learn from the failures and the disappointments. What can you change in the situation that is no longer serving you, distressing you or meets your needs?

It maybe, for example, becoming more assertive, changing eating habits, starting to save more money, cutting off someone who brings you distress etc. Start looking at the small changes you can apply to the external controllable factors in your life at that particular moment. Reflect on your behavior changes, its outcome, adjust and compliment your efforts. 

Confronting your fears, changing behavior patterns is hard. Even if your behavior does not carry the complete results you wanted, your effort is worth celebrating. Each consciously chosen action will also increase your sense of control. Take your time to reflect also on your part  in the situation. Figure out what you can do the next time differently and/or further develop in yourself that will enable you to protect yourself better, be the best version of yourself and lead a better life.