Boost your self-esteem

  • event 01-04-2019
  • schedule 14:18
  • timer 1 minuut

April 2019

This month we aim at helping your boost your self-esteem. A  healthy level of self- esteem is comprised of a balanced and realistic evaluation of the whole self, which involves awareness, recognition and acceptance of both positive and negative aspects of the self. Needless to say challenging your beliefs about yourself, adjusting unhelpful behaviors and adapting helpful ones will heighten your self- esteem the most. However, this time we will focus on a different angle. 

Your challenge this month starts with BE AWARE of your needs and nurture yourself.

Write down for yourself what your current needs are (e.g. emotional support,  time to relax, delegate your duties, alone time,  pampering yourself, taking a nap, achieving higher education).

Being mindful of what you need, be it psychological, emotional, social, physical needs   and fulfilling these needs is telling yourself I matter!.

I value myself and I am worthy of giving myself the love, care, attention and the personal growth that I require now. I am worthy of investing time and effort in myself at least I as do in others (who you probably unquestionably are attuned to and attend more easily to their needs).

After you have written the list, start planning how and when you will cater to these needs. Then act! And reflect on how it feels.

When you do that you validate yourself and thereby strengthen your self- esteem.