Communicate assertively

  • event 06-11-2020
  • schedule 09:33
  • timer 1 minuut

November 2020

The holidays are coming up. It can be an intense and demanding time especially when people come together. This month we will help you improve your assertive communication.

These 3 easy types of validation :

1. Validate the Validator- If your partner/friend has been listening to you or has been supportive, validate them for doing so. For example, “Thanks for listening to me complain about work. I appreciate you being supportive when I am upset. ”

2. Validate Before Saying No
It is the assertive, empathetic and softer NO- Validate the other’s feelings/thoughts before refusing a request. For example, “I know you really want us to take a family vacation next week but I’m swamped at work and I cannot take days off now. ”

3. Validate then make a Request
The assertive and validating request making, thus validate the other’s feelings/thoughts before making a request. For example, “I know that you do not really like my friends and that you are a little tired from work today, but would you go to the dinner party for me? we will not stay long. “

Try to reformulate your sentences using these validation examples and see how it works for you. Analyse the reactions of others and how you feel using this assertive communication. Do you like how you come across? Do you like how it makes you feel? Do you like the benefits? Keep on doing it.