Find out what works for you when it comes to anger reducing activities

  • event 10-10-2019
  • schedule 09:35
  • timer 1 minuut

October 2019

When anger is not being expressed healthily, it can be destructive. Find strategies and ways in which you can express your anger in a healthy manner; be it writing, singing, art, joining support groups, running, dancing, participating in  competitive sports, martial-arts etc.

Find effective self-soothing activities that will help you feel better…


It will enable you to express yourself in a way that is not aggressive towards others, nor yourself and yet is an outlet for the anger that is felt. Manual work such as gardening, washing windows, vacuuming etc. can help too. By focusing on the task at hand and at the same time physically working out a sweat, the frustrations and anger will decrease.

You can also find effective self-soothing activities that will help you feel better, such as a long bath, massage, playing with your pet, taking a walk on the beach, listening to nature’s music etc.

Experiment with different strategies, reflect on its impact on your anger intensity and see what works best for your life style and personality.  You can write it down for yourself, so that you have a go-to plan in various situations. Remember that certain situations call for different strategies. You need to figure out what is the most applicable strategy in each different context.