Going through a bad day - part 1

  • event 08-04-2021
  • schedule 11:58
  • timer 1 minuut

April 2021

We all have bad days. Days that feel like nothing is going right. Days that we feel lost, depressed and alone. Days that we wish we could stay in bed because we are too tired and we can’t handle it anymore. So what can we do?

Try starting the day with time for yourself. Be mindful at breakfast and do something that give your energy and pleasure, maybe take walk or sit in a quiet place and listen to soothing music. Meditate , relax your muscles and do deep breathing exercises. Focus more on how you want to feel by the end of the day rather than what you have to still do. Then look at your to- do list of the day and decide only to do the highest priority tasks. Delegate if needed some of the tasks. Break each task down to small steps and spread it over the whole day. Take your time to do each small step. Spend the day pampering yourself and catering to your own needs instead of those of others. Direct your behaviour choices during the day to fulfil your own needs and wishes and on making you feel better.