Happy like before…

  • event 09-07-2019
  • schedule 13:06
  • timer 1 minuut

July 2019

This month’s exercise is about taking the first step to finding your happiness. Clients often say that their goal is to be happy. When asked to define what happy means to them…there is often silence and then: ‘Mmm… you know happy like before…’
We have the idea of what happy is, but how do we know when we get there?

What does it look like for you?

Everyone is different and what makes one happy may not make the other.
The first thing you need to do is define what happiness means to you. Make it as concrete and measurable as you can. Write your thoughts down.

Your definition might change with time, so defining it for yourself is something that you can do more than once a year. In the same way, what makes you happy now might have been different in the past. Focus on the present when defining your happiness.

Next, think what you can do realistically, that is within your power and resources right now to feel a little more happy in your relationship, job, friendships, home, health, family, community etc. Make a list of activities, behavioural changes, goals, experiences etc that will redirect you more towards achieving your definition of happiness.