How to defeat loneliness during isolation

  • event 20-07-2020
  • schedule 09:25
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July 2020

We’ve all feel lonely sometimes, but it can become more frequent during the corona isolation. Loneliness is a subjective feeling. When experiencing loneliness frequently and consistently, it can have mental and physical health implications. Loneliness distorts our perceptions. We might think that the people around us do not care about us, while they may indeed care.

Loneliness distorts our perceptions

Cognitive biases influence how we interpret situations in a more negative way which directly impact who we evaluate our relationships.  As a result we might fear rejection, choose to isolate ourselves even more, push people away or hesitate seeking  social support when we need it the most.


If you feel emotionally disconnected, make a list of five people you’ve been close to in the past. Take action and even though it may be uncomfortable or awkward, get in touch . Send  a message or call and suggest getting together virtually or in a safe distance . Remember to approach  positivity thus do not formulate it with accusatory questions such as ‘’ why did you not.. ‘’nor with statements of disconnect  or apology such as’’ I hope I am not bothering you’’ etc. You can choose to assertively express your positive thoughts such as’’ I was thinking about you today.’’….and then make a specific invitation such as ‘’would you like to chat next week…’’ Try to connect  and take that leap of faith. You might be surprised with the results.