I am here in my full glory

  • event 06-06-2019
  • schedule 09:31
  • timer 1 minuut

June 2019

Sometimes we put more weight on what others will say, do, how they feel, what they will think or expect of us than what we want to do, say or what we feel and need. Sometimes, we hide parts of ourselves or express them minimally, so we can stay in the background where it is more comfortable, safe and less risky. In doing so we are not being completely authentic and we are not really embracing and expressing the totality of whom we are.

Reconnect with a small part of yourself

The challenge of this month is: think what makes you an awesome and unique person. Write it down.

What characteristics have you not expressed much lately? For example, are you adventurous at heart, but the daily routine and expectations repressed its expression to nonexistence?

Think about what you could do to revive that characteristic and have fun by expressing it. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone a little and reconnect with a small part of yourself.