• event 05-02-2019
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February 2019

Our life is often filled with demands, stressors and daily hassles.

December often requires us to meet many deadlines and complete important tasks before the end of the year.

This is often followed by a busy holiday season. January is characterized by the start of a new annual cycle. You may feel discouraged: “Do I have to do it all?”. At the workplace there are less opportunities to isolate yourself. Demands, hassles and distractions keep accumulating.

Take a moment for yourself to reflect at work and/or at home. You can preferably walk outside for a while. Take the time to look at your surroundings and reflect on it. This will give your mind the chance register, formulate and reflect upon the impressions and your thoughts.

Take a moment for yourself to reflect


Are your thoughts turning into worrying? Look out and name what you see, for example, I see a tree, a bench, a rock etc. Continue doing that until the worrying decreases.

Restful places that stimulate our minds are: gazing at the water, looking at the movement of the leaves on a tree, listening to the birds and wind etc.

After a while, you will feel energized again.