Stand up to your inner bully

  • event 11-09-2019
  • schedule 16:00
  • timer 1 minuut

September 2019

This month we are focusing on your inner bully. The critical voice in your mind overshadows and disregards your past achievements, positive characteristics, talents, strengths, values and capacities. The negative critical voice that is speaking out loud in your mind, usually has a double standard. You say things to yourself that you will not say to others’ face. You can use this double standard as a red flag. Let it signal to you when your inner bully is acting up again so you can stop it in time. How to use it?

Be your own best friend


Write on paper what you are thinking about yourself. Then read it out loud and have someone dear to you in mind while reading it. Will you say those same things to your loved one? Will you use those exact words and tone of voice?

 The golden rule is if you do not say it to a loved one, you certainly do not say it to yourself. Be your own best friend.

Now, write what would you say to your love one in the same situation. Reformulate your original sentences and talk to yourself as you would a friend.