Start being more self-compassionate instead of self-critical

  • event 02-03-2020
  • schedule 14:16
  • timer 1 minuut

March 2020

What does being self-compassionate actually mean?

  1. It involves reassuring ourselves that it is ok to fail, make mistakes, experience painful emotions and have imperfections, because we are human and fallible. We thus don’t harshly judge our flaws and inadequacies, but show understanding and kindness towards the self.
  2. Recognizing, admitting and accepting that our weakness and strengths co-exist and form who we are as individuals.
  1. We accept that we don’t need to be better than others in order to feel good about ourselves. We just need to truly see the self, be genuine and accept ourselves as who we are. We are all worthy human beings, who deserve love, compassion and respect .
  2. Acknowledging that difficulties, failure and painful experiences are an inevitable part of life.
  3. Being mindful and experiencing the emotions as they are without suppressing or denying their existence and without judging ourselves or beating ourselves up.

Ask yourself: what do you think stops you from being more self-compassionate?

What are you going to do about it?


Write up a few ideas and set up a SMART plan. Carry it out and see how it feels to be more self -understanding and compassionate towards yourself. Additionally think about what you can say to yourself when you need it the most, that will be more compassionate.