Start self-care practice today

  • event 03-02-2020
  • schedule 12:32
  • timer 1 minuut

February 2020

Self -care is helpful in challenging times, as a way of coping with uncontrollable stressors and during regular days as part of the ongoing maintenance of your well -being. By filling up your needs and resources you are also building up your coping abilities and resilience.

To practice self-care consistently you should match it to your personal life style, needs and personality. You can experiment with different practices/behaviors to find out what best suites you in different conditions and context.

Here are some examples of self-care : Exercise; write in a journal; say no to extra responsibilities; choose comforting activities, objects, people, relationships, places and seek them out ;allow yourself to cry; take a bubble bath; be aware of nonmaterial aspects of life; spend time with children or pets; arrange your work space, so it is comfortable and comforting; pray  etc…

To find out which best self- care practice is good for you, you can start by raising awareness to your needs.


Ask yourself:

  1. What depletes me and what can I do to improve that?
  2. What do I really need and what will nourish my body, mind and soul?
  3. What do I feel now (the negative emotions e.g sad, angry, frustrated that you are feeling) and what can I do to reduce the intensity of that emotion when I feel it?


Once you have your answers, brainstorm and write down your ideas. Decide which of the self- care activities your will do on daily or weekly basis to strengthen your resources and well- being.

Think also about details such as with whom, where, when, how long and schedule the day and time to carry it out.

Next, make a plan to incorporate these activities when needed, thus you will have an action plan ready to go in more challenging times.