The secret weapon to reducing (upwards) comparisons

  • event 01-08-2019
  • schedule 08:30
  • timer 1 minuut

August 2019

When we are not satisfied with aspects of our lives, for example, our body, we tend to compare ourselves with others. The automatic comparison is often in upwards comparisons. These comparisons maintain our dissatisfaction, low self- esteem and negative body image. The challenge of this month is to be more conscious and refocus our attention during social interactions. It is a small experiment.

Recognize and appreciate yourself

Why should you do this exercise?

Benefit 1- Being more mindful and reducing the habit to focusing on comparing yourself to others.

Benefit 2- Redirecting your attention beyond the physicality and materialisms and practicing appreciating others as a whole. It can make it easier for you and also enable you to recognize and appreciate the same things in yourself, not to mention see yourself more as a whole.

During your interactions starting today practice consciously and purposely redirecting your attention beyond someone’s physical appearance, the status, clothes, cv etc and note – what do you appreciate and like about the other person.


Redirect your attention from the very beginning to the other persons’ demeanor during the interaction, their mentality, attitude, apparent personality characteristics, behavior etc.
Observe, analyze and make a mental note of these points at that moment. Practice doing it with a few people.

Afterwards think: What are your insights? What do you feel and think now about it?