Use visualisation to positively deal with stress

  • event 02-08-2021
  • schedule 09:58
  • timer 1 minuut

August 2021

Visualising catastrophes may increase your stress, but visualising success works just as effectively to reduce it. When stress is building up visualisation can help. This month we will learn how do use this form of strategy.

To use visualisation positively, sit in a quiet and distraction-free environment, and paint a detailed image in your mind of you performing the stress-provoking task.

Go slowly, step-by-step and see yourself performing the task and having a successful outcome. Or you being in the threatening situation and overcoming your anxiety and feeling confident.

Go into the little details that involve all your senses (pay attention to what you see around you, smells, sounds in the background, clothes that you wear, how you are standing, what are you touching, what will you do, what will you say and how would others react, what something taste like etc).

Also, think about what obstacles might occur and how will you overcome them. Then, imagine yourself doing it. What will it look and feel like to successfully conquer your obstacles? Draw confidence from that image and the empowering and positive feelings it generates.