What can you do if you are feeling anxious about Corona?

  • event 04-06-2020
  • schedule 12:24
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June 2020

Many people react with anxiety to Corona. Feeling uncertainty and worrying about the unknown is terrifying. We are filled with ‘’what if’’ scenarios and extreme worst-case scenarios creep constantly in our mind, which add to the stress of our changed life. Some people feel exhausted, angry, depressed, lonely, helpless, powerless, overwhelmed and even panic. We can regulate our anxiety by the way in which we act and think.

Focus on what’s in your control as opposed to what isn’t. Whenever you feel anxiety, take a break from whatever you’re doing, and shift your mind to thinking about what’s within your control in that situation. For example, you cannot control what others are doing, as to following to precautions measures, but you can put on gloves or  clean your hands thoroughly.

You can choose to focus on what you can do to fix, solve, change, nurture, adjust in your life. You can control how you react to situations and regulate your emotions. You can plan your daily life and find a healthy balance between your home life and the work obligations that you still need to do at home. Think about all the aspects of your life and make a list of the things you want to tackle and carry it out.

Finally, limit your news consumption. Decide on specific times of the day in which you will check the news and check it only then. We need to give our minds and body time to de-stress, thus don’t forget to practice relaxation and stress reducing activities.