Accepting my weaknesses and flaws

  • event 02-02-2021
  • schedule 11:39
  • timer 1 minuut

February 2021

This month we are looking into the truth in the following myth about self-acceptance: ’’Accepting my weaknesses and flaws is like condoning them or hiding my head in the sand.”

The truth is that with self-acceptance you are not denying or ignoring your imperfections. You are actually saying – ‘’I see it, I admit it, I am facing it and accepting it for what it is now, so what is within my power to do about it?’’

Self-acceptance helps you to diverge from focusing on feeling inadequate, not good enough, to focusing on take actions, coping better, protecting yourself and achieving more goals.

Start focusing on your positives and strengths; analyse the situation and try to come up with alternative perspectives;  find new opportunities and possible solutions. Think about which solution will give you the best result and carry it out. Make a conscious decision to only focus on that which is in your control. By accepting yourself as you are now and by consciously choosing to acknowledge your positive characteristics, assets, capacities, values you are also improving your well-being.